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    Migrate to Web3
    in Less Than 30 Days

    #1 Web3 Infrastructure for Mobile Games

    No token issuance

    Turnkey Solution

    All legal validations ready

    Unity SDK

    No dApp needed

    Apple & Google compliant

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    Turnkey Solution to Build on Web3

    Evolve web2 games to web3 or launch web3 from scratch in a matter of weeks.

    • No legal implications, no issuance of your token, all legal validations ready
    • 100% compliance with Google Play and Apple’s App Store
    • Sell NFTs on our in-game item Marketplace with in-game currency purchased with Google or Apple payment methods
    • Smart contract & minting tools - no need for a smart contract engineer
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    • MVP of web3 game version integration in under 30 days
    • NFTs infused with $RDYX token value
    • Developer dashboard, Unity Plug-In, and API to create NFTs and manage game web3 features – No dApp needed!
    • Cost-Free for developer, revenue sharing for Ready Games is <5%

    Compliant Token Economy

    Whitelabel our $RDYX token with your desired game token name, use it in your games, and take advantage of our fully compliant token economy to monetize your game.

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      Ready-to-go, fully compliant in-game token
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      No need for lengthy token generation and sales
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      Token economy based on years of development by tokenomics experts
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      Sell in-game token-infused NFT assets
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      Allow your players to move their assets across games in the ecosystem
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      Give your players the tools to create blockchain-based content for in-game use
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    😎 With RGN

    Token Issuance

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    • Difficult to create a compliant tokenomics system

    • Above $50k cost to issue token

    • Complex implementation, need external team and legal team

    • Ready-built $RDYX token economy

    • Cost-free for developers

    • 100% compliant with legal regulations. All legal validations are ready

    Developing games on blockchain

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    • Costly development >$200k

    • Difficult and complex to evolve existing web2 games to web3

    • Difficult to create a new web3 dApp

    • Ready to play in >12 months

    • In-game balance fixed picture - NFT game balance is difficult to change

    • Security issues with smart contracts

    • Dependency on 3rd parties: launchpads, IGOs, IDOs, etc.

    • Zero Cost for game developers

    • Turnkey solution to evolve web2 games to web3

    • No need to build a dApp

    • Ready to play in <30 days

    • Optimal NFT infrastructures: developer dashboard to upload NFTs, easy long-term NFT management, in-game marketplace to buy NFTs with in-game currency

    • Easy-to-use, tested, and secure smart contract & minting tools

    • Easy-to-use, tested, and secure smart contract & minting tools

    Game Optimization

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    • No mobile gaming wallet integration

    • No tech or design support

    • Worthless in-game NFTs

    • External game testing service

    • Mobile gaming wallet integration

    • Continuous game design & tech support from the Ready Games Network

    • In-game NFT assets infused with $RDYX token value

    • Access to 50,000+ game testers

    Listing & Promotion

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    • Costly marketing

    • In-house promotion - need a marketing and community team

    • Not compatible with Google Play & App Store requirements

    • Need to provide your own reward incentives to your players

    • Complex player sign-up process, especially for web2 users without background in blockchain, wallets and tokens

    • Organic user acquisition

    • Promotion of your web3 games by Ready Games

    • Compatible with Google Play & App Store requirements

    • Reward incentives distributed by Ready Games to your players

    • Easy player sign-up and dashboard onboarding for players of all backgrounds

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    Partners & Investors

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    Dev To Earn®️

    Being part of the leading mobile web3 gaming ecosystem means grant funds to jump-start your web3 journey, rewards for you at every KPI milestone, and a lifetime of profits from every NFT asset you mint for your game!


    $RDYX grants for on-chain asset minting


    Get a share of the sales for all UGC created for your game!


    Get royalties every time your game NFTs are traded on the market.


    Receive a share of $RDYX tokens when your players melt their token-infused NFTs.


    Get a grant in $RDYX tokens for your web3 migration.


    Profit when portable blockchain user profiles join your game.

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    It Pays to Use Ready

    Focus on developing cool games and leave the boring and costly stuff to us.

    • We promote your web3 apps
    • We take care of compliance & legal
    • We give you full rev sharing and shared ecosystem ownership
    • We are DAO-driven
    • Use our compliant token economy
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    Our tech is good, our people make us great!

    David S. Bennahum
    David S. Bennahum

    CEO, Founder

    Christina Macedo
    Christina Macedo

    COO, Founder

    Martin Cormier
    Martin Cormier

    Chief Technology Officer

    Alfredo Bárcena
    Alfredo Bárcena

    Head of Marketing & Biz Dev

    KJ Mercer
    KJ Mercer

    Lead Game Designer

    Meet the Team

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